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Physiology humor: you got your mitochondria from your mother in the egg cell from which you came. Mitochondria have their own DNA which can be used to trace your mother's mother. 20 Geeky Memes That True Science Fans Will Understand and Love! Via Izismile. There's definitely a joke about "OP's Mom" in there somewhere, but I'm not going to make it.

Brilliant Brainiac Puns: Geeky smart puns, science jokes, savvy nerd jokes, clever chemistry humor, nerdy one-liners and brainy lab jokes do make up everything funny. 24/07/2015 · Who doesn’t love a good science joke? So, if you are a fan of maths or physics or chemistry, check out these nerdy science one-liners that are weirdly entertaining. Some will make you think, others will make you chuckle, and if you dig a little deeper into some of these jokes, you won’t just. 14/09/2015 · Okay, so maybe science-themed jokes aren't the world's funniest. But if you're a scientist or certified science geek, they can be weirdly entertaining. Just scroll down to see 15 silly one-liners we've picked just for you. Below are jokes about Darwin, evolution and creationist. I collected them from many great sites on the internet, links are at the bottom of this post. Enjoy! Biology is the only science in which multiplication means the same thing as division. Why did the chicken cross the road? Darwin1: It was the logical next step after coming down from the. Funny Science Shirts: Looking for funny science t-shirts that. Science Shirts. Chemistry Shirts Physics Shirts Biology Shirts. Math Shirts Engineering Shirts Astronomy Shirts. Funny Science T-Shirts. The Glass is Always Full. If you liked this collection of funny science t shirts, nerdy t-shirts, and geeky shirts check out our brand new.

Geeky jokes not only for nerds:- Geeky jokes not only for nerds:- RSS. Verb Tenses. General ⋅ June 29, 2015 No. << See All of our Jokes Categories Here! If you enjoyed this page, you may also like: Computer Geek Pick Up Lines Physics Jokes Math Jokes Nerd and Geek Jokes Video Game Jokes Nerdy Yo Mama Jokes. Home Links.

21 Jokes Only Nerds Will Understand. Or people with questionable senses of humor. This post was made from a Reddit thread that asked users what the most intellectual joke they knew was. 08/06/2018 · Are you ready for these hilarious science puns that will crack you up? This video will prime you with the absolute best and worst funny science puns. These genius science puns are the best chemistry puns and physics puns out there. What better way to show off your true intelligence then by having a few of these geeky jokes in your.

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